Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gift Ideas: For Your Practical, Thoughtful, Logical, Hard-Working Husband

I'm back with the latest installment of gift guides (Previous ones are here, here, here, here, here and here).

My husband is the hardest person I know to buy for. Not because he doesn't have any interests but because his favorite gifts are practical ones. This frustrates me because in my opinion, practical gifts aren't super fun to give. I love to spend time finding that unique gift that the person will be thrilled to open. The one that shows that you know them well. And although the hubs is content to open a present and find a blue polo shirt, I'm less excited with the process of procuring and wrapping said shirt. As odd as it seems to say this since we are married, he is the one I need a gift guide for most of all.

1. The latest CD from his favorite band

His favorite band emery released a new CD in March. He has looked high and low for a store that is carrying it but without success. He would be thrilled to see this under the tree!

2. Glass Bottle Pepsi

My man has a track record of falling hard for products that are notoriously difficult to find. Last year it was Crest Sensitivity: Original Formula...right after they discontinued it. Fortunately our dentist's assistant was able to call in a favor with one of their suppliers who had 24 sample sizes left on his back shelf...and they gave them all to the hubs as a gift. It was one of the sweetest most thoughtful things they could have done. He's been in seventh heaven ever since.

This year he discovered Pepsi in a glass bottle. The main difference? It's made with real sugar. For awhile they were selling it in cans and calling it Throwback, but they've since...yup! Discontinued it. Fortunately I've found this online supplier that delivers it straight to your door. This would make his year!

3. Golfing Certificate

This would be something he would have to use completely on himself - it would be a great gift because it would be giving him some time to do something he loves.

4. Tickets To a Hockey Game

This gift has the added bonus of me getting to tag along - just kidding!! I would tell him to go with one of his guy friends :)
Another gift he would never get for himself...and it would be something he would love.

5. 100% Kona Coffee - Lyons Brand

We are huge coffee people - and this is the. best. coffee. ever! Seriously, we've tried lots of coffee and this beats them all by a mile. It's expensive, but worth every cent!

6. Button Down Short Sleeve Shirt

Sigh. Okay. I had to include this because it's something he really wants to get this year. But personally (because apparently gift-giving is really just about me anyway ;) I like the previous gift ideas best of all.

What about you? What do you get the man in your life who is hard to shop for? Or if you are a man who is hard to shop for, what do you really want that no one ever gets you?


  1. All I want for Christmas is a new front door!

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