Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Is there anything cuter than a pile of sleeping puppies? Me thinks not :)

My parents just had a litter of 7 goldendoodle (half poodle, half golden retriever = a sweet tempered, family dog that won't shed) pups. Seriously, they are such sweeties! I mean look at those ears:

Waking up and groggily looking for mama. Their mom is so good too. She was outside and one of her pups yelped and she flew to the door to be let in so she could check on them. I'm amazed she heard that one little yip from so far away.

These guys have the sweetest faces, and they grow up to be such loving companions. Makes me wish I had a bigger place so I could have one too.

Looking at these pictures just makes me want to snuggle with a puppy :)

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