Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gift Ideas: For the Aerospace Engineering Major Who Wants to Join the Air Force

I'm back with the second installment of the gift guide!

My brother Joe is a freshman at Embry Riddle. He likes skiing, watching movies, doing stuff with his air force buddies, and studying hard (well, at least hopefully that last one ;)

Here are a few of my ideas for him:

1. Air Force Watch

My brother would always wear my Grandfather's watch any chance he could get. He wasn't allowed to take it with him to college for fear that it would be lost. So a nice watch of his own (with a nod to his Air Force aspirations) is something I know he would love. Plus, my Grandfather was in the Air Force, so it's a nice tie in to that family history too.

2. Paracord bracelet

Although this looks like a bracelet, it's actually 10 feet of paracord which can be unwound and used in case of an emergency. A handy and cool way to carry around a fair amount of rope in an unobtrusive way.

3. A season or two of his favorite show

When I was in college my roomies and I would watch a 20 minute episode of our favorite show to decompress after a tough day. Our shows of choice were Seinfeld and My Name is Earl, but I think Joe is a Psych fan so that might be a better fit for him (although he does need to be introduced to Seinfeld at some point!)

4. Beanie

It gets cold in Arizona in the winter, so a cool beanie would be a nice addition to his wardrobe. Neutral colors, no patterns, stripes or brand names. Preferably gray or black. Yup, he must be a New Yorker at heart :)

5. Four months of care packages

I think this would be a fun twist on the flower/fruit/wine of the month club! Each month that he's in school for the spring semester you would send a care package - filled with random snacks and junk food along with a few surprise items like a $5 DVD or CD, school supplies, pictures from home...things along those lines. A gift that keeps on giving for the entire semester :)


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