Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Childhood Memories

I don't remember many of my childhood clothes and accessories. Sure, I have impressions of favorite dresses, that pair of striped three-sizes-too large shorts I always liked to wear, a favorite metal purse (it had a picture of hello kitty on the front). But none of these things conjure up the feelings of warmth, contentment and security like seeing a pair of these slippers.

Growing up, as the weather became crisper my Mom would pull out the Land's End catalog and turn to the slippers page. Back then the slippers she would buy for us looked very much like the one pictured above - right down to the contrasting trim and 'sleeve.' I would eagerly await the arrival of my pair - I always chose bright colors: purple and turquoise, pink and purple, lime green and purple (I kind of liked purple). When the UPS man finally delivered them, I would tear through the plastic packaging to feel the soft fleece. I always felt toasty and warm with them on. It's funny how just the thought of these slippers takes me back to cold early mornings, jumping out of bed, pulling on my slippers and running to the couch so I could wrap myself in a blanket. Evenings playing in our cold cement-slab playroom, feeling invincible to the chill. Late nights reading while wrapped in a down comforter with music softly playing in the background. Lazy weekend mornings. Opening Christmas presents. The common thread through all these scenes: my garishly bright yet warm slippers.

Is there an article of clothing or accessory that instantly transports you back to your childhood?

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