Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gift Ideas: For Your Uber Cute, Smart and Funny 17 Year Old Sister

I can't believe my youngest sister is going to be 17 when this Christmas rolls around! She loves horses, is great with all kinds of animals (she even taught her dog how to push the button on a tennis ball thrower so he could play catch with himself! It's hilarious to watch), and on top of that she is super smart. I'm excited to see where she ends up going to college - I'm sure there will be quite a few scholarships waiting for her :)

Here is a round up of gifts I think she would like. I pulled her name this year, so it's possible some of this may be under the tree ;)

1. Jewelry

My sister likes unique jewelry - something she won't see anyone else wearing - and this seems to fit her personality. Not too girly, but edgy in a cute way. Plus she is a farm girl, so there's that :)

2. Art

I think it would be a nice addition to her room to have a large statement piece. And if it's horse themed, so much the better!

3. Nail polish

Because you can never have too many fun shades! Plus since nail polish is relatively inexpensive it's a nice stocking stuffer.

4. A fun game

My sister likes having her friends come over to spend the night, so a unique game (that doesn't take too long to play) would be something I could see her enjoying frequently.

5. Cute clothes

What teen doesn't like getting clothes for Christmas? A hoodie, jeans, name brand t-shirt or accessory will always be a hit!

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