Monday, January 31, 2011

Photo of the Week

This is a photo I took at the winter leadership retreat for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. I think it really applies to campus ministry, because it reminds us that even though the fall is the traditional time for harvest, things can still bring forth fruit in the winter/spring. I'm trusting God that he'll bring us a great harvest this semester!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Social Action Fashion

TOMS. Nearly everyone knows what they are and, while I think a lot of people would agree that they're not terribly attractive shoes, I also think a lot of people want a pair despite the shoes' unattractive qualities. I know that I fall into that category.

A few weeks ago when I was on a rare excursion into the mall, I asked myself "Why?" Why do I want a pair of shoes that is expensive, not very practical, and not a style I would normally wear? Why do I want to buy a pair of shoes that I do not need? The answer I received was that the main reason I wanted a pair of TOMS shoes is that, by wearing them, everyone would know that I'm a socially conscious and active person. In other words, I wanted to "sound a trumpet" before me, so that others would see my good, socially active works and admire me as a result (see Matthew 6:2-4).

I had to wonder, rather than purchase a pair of TOMS shoes (which run $44-54 when not on sale and result in one pair of shoes being given to those in need), why not donate $20 to an organization such as soles4souls, which would result in twenty pairs of shoes being given to those in need, and then, when I do need another pair of shoes, spend $20-30 on a pair that I find both practical and attractive?

These are the thoughts and conclusions I came to about my motivation for desiring a pair of TOMS shoes. I am not saying that everyone who buys TOMS shoes is motivated by the desire to look good; all I know is that after digging beneath the surface, I realized that my motivation for getting those shoes was the desire to look like a "goody two-shoes." (I'm sorry, I couldn't resist!)

Since my revelation in the mall, I have yet to make a donation to soles4souls. If I do make a donation, it will be between me and God, and no one else.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Pedigree of Honey by Emily Dickinson

The pedigree of honey
Does not concern the bee;
A clover, anytime, to him
Is aristocracy

- Emily Dickinson

(It may not concern a bee, but the pedigree of honey does concern me. Yesterday, I discovered that clover honey tastes a lot better than desert mesquite honey.)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So, what is this all about?

Nothing. And everything.

I've tried blogging in the past and failed, if blogging failure can be defined as posting less than three times a year. I'm trying something different with this blog. Instead of trying to make each post insightful, witty, or interesting, I'm simply going to post about whatever strikes my fancy. I'm not sure what these posts will be about, but they'll most likely be a combination of funny/satirical posts, musings about life, events, photos I enjoy, poems I've read recently, quotes I've been pondering, and whatever else I deem worthy to share. This blog is chiefly for my own amusement, but please feel free to comment - I'd love to enter into a conversation with you!