Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gift Ideas: For Your Two Year Old Nephew Who is All Boy

Our 2 year old nephew loves cars. And since he's the first grandchild on either side of the family he basically has at least one of almost everything. This makes him somewhat challenging to buy for. Here are a few things I noticed he doesn't have :)

1. Remote control car

This remote control Ford Mustang is sure to be a hit, especially since the nephew's Dad is a Ford man :) The easy controls will be something he can maneuver even at his young age.

2. Bowling Game

This bowling set would combine the lad's love of throwing things with his love of knocking things down. All in a safe game he could play inside and out.

3. Knight's Shield

The Hubs wanted to buy him a shield for his birthday, but we weren't able to find one in stock in any stores in our area. I found this one online, and I think it would be perfect :)

4. Car Carrier

I love this classic wood toy! And what boy couldn't use a carrier for his cars?

I'll be back later this afternoon with some more ideas for our baby nephew :)

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