Tuesday, October 18, 2011

For Your Articulate, Social and Pretty Grad Student Sister

My 23 year old sister (and co-author of this blog) Adri is always a lot of fun for me to buy for :) She has so many interests, it's easy to come up with things she will like. Plus she likes girly things like accessories and home accents which are things I like, so I usually know that if I like it she will too!

1. Feminine bangles

Adri is great at accessorizing her outfits, so I think some pretty bangles would be a gift she would really like. I think these are so gorgeous, especially for the price ($28)!

2. A lightweight scarf

It's a rare day that I see Adri scarf-less...regardless of the season :) So another one in a gorgeous print would be a fun gift!

3. A Funny or Typographical Print

Adri is a total font and typography geek. She thought this poster was hilarious, and it would be cool to either find this one or perhaps a typographic-themed poster and frame it for her to put in her apartment.

4. Knee-High Cashmere Socks

What could be more decadent than a pair of cashmere socks? Especially striped ones? Even though $19 for one pair of socks is kind of steep, this would be a nice splurge gift :)

5. A Wooden Ampersand

Adri also likes ampersands of all kinds...so a wooden one for the shelf (or to hang on a wall) would be a nice addition to her current collection :)

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  1. what about your percipient, waggish, and brawny brother?