Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gift Ideas: For Your 14 Year Old Comedic, Goofy, Cyclist Brother

Today is the eighth installment of gift guides!! Click here to find previous ones for babies, toddlers, spouses, and siblings :)

My little brother Jon survived being the youngest of 6 bossy and opinionated siblings by developing a sense of humor which he used to diffuse situations involving his bigger siblings. This skill has served him well. He now uses his humor in writing hilarious and ridiculous stories. He is also extremely driven and dedicated to his sport of cycling. He is tough to buy for because (like his older brother Nano) he always wants super expensive things - like an itouch or bicycle gear in the high several hundred dollar range.

So here are my ideas which hopefully will still leave him happy on Christmas day :)

1. Candy Card

This would be such a fun "stocking stuffer" type present. I would use at least 25 candies so it was extra big, and would put it on a giant stocking-shaped poster board - perhaps even hung above the fireplace so it would instantly catch his eye Christmas morning :)

2. Inspirational Racing Poster

Working through pain is what it's all about - and now that he has his own room, it would be neat for him to receive some large posters for the walls to tie in with the tour de france theme (his room is painted in the tour's colors). And along those lines....

3. Official Tour Posters

How cool is this tour poster?! I would love to get him a series of 3-5 of these (preferably from years with especially intense races) for him to put on one wall of his room. I think these are classic enough that he would keep them for a long time!

4. Book

Jon also loves to read. A book of any sort would be a gift he would enjoy. I chose one about cycling to use as an example, but anything with an exciting plot would work just as well.

5. Touchscreen MP3

What he really wants, though, is a touchscreen mp3 player. I found this one for $50, and it's actually quite affordable for all the options it comes with. Although not an itouch, I still think this would be a gift he would be thrilled about :)


  1. u may want to think twice about placing so much chocolate so close to the fire :)

  2. Indeed an experience! I liked reading through your blog. Thanks