Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gift Ideas: For The Fashionable, Athletic and Collegiate Brother

Do you ever find yourself searching high and low for that perfect gift for a family member? I have a few siblings who are incredibly difficult to buy for, and I frequently have found myself scrambling to find something that would be meaningful and something they would enjoy. Cash is always a great fallback, but it's nice to pick out a gift, wrap it and see their (hopefully elated!) expression when they open it.
Every Tuesday through October and November I thought it would be fun to provide a gift guide for the various family members one might need to buy for. Each week I will highlight a different relative of mine with a brief description of their interests. I hope this is helpful for your holiday and/or birthday shopping too :)

Let's start with Nano. He is an athletic college student (he wants to be a businessman) who is always planning his next adventure. I find him incredibly hard to buy for because he always wants sports equipment which is waaay over the $50 Christmas budget :)

Here are my ideas for him:

1. Cold weather emergency kit for the car

Okay, this gift definitely won't get you riotous applause on Christmas morning, but it's very practical, and if he does end up being stranded and surviving solely because of this gift, it will reap great rewards (and perhaps even applause) then :) It could be one of those delayed gratification gifts...not that one should give gifts to get recognition for how awesome their gift giving is ;)

2. Vintage Soda

On the affordable side (a good stocking stuffer), these would definitely be a hit - plus you can mix and match cool flavors, or perhaps a sampler of root beers from various locales?

3. Aviator shades

Classic cool for a classic cool bro. Need I say more?

4. Statement tee with a twist

Any sort of tee that ties into his interests (or that is funny) would be a neat gift. I like this one that says bicycling = infinity miles per gallon.

5. Cufflinks

The lad is growing up, and since he is planning on being a businessman at some point he is going to need a good pair of cuff links. So why not buy him a pair that are a subtle nod to his passion? I think the bike gears are understated enough to be classic yet with a touch of whimsy. I am pretty crazy about these :)

Check back later this afternoon for a gift guide for my other college bro, Joe!

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