Tuesday, October 25, 2011

For Your Cutie Patootie Baby Niece and Nephew

We were lucky enough to have a niece and nephew born just weeks apart this September and October. So there will be two first Christmases this year :) Here are my ideas for both little ones.

1. Baby's First Christmas Ornament

This is always a classic gift. I like this wooden snowflake better than any other first ornament I've seen. I feel like this is one that would stand the test of time and show up on the tree 25 years later.

2. Organic Teether

Isn't this adorable? I think this would be a great gift that the baby could use as a toy or a teether depending on the circumstances :)

3. Art

I love this idea for my niece! With her name of course :) Wouldn't this be adorable in her nursery?

4. A Classic Book

We always give our nieces and nephews this book for their first Christmas. But there are so many classic Christmas tales that should be a part of any holiday collection, you could make this a gift for several years in a row :)

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