Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My First Memories

On Saturday we celebrated my nephew's second birthday and I wondered if he would remember anything. It made me think about my first memories, so I thought I would share :) Feel free to share yours as well! I would love to see what the average earliest memory is!

My first memory was sometime in the winter of 1988. My Mom was very pregnant with Adri, and i distinctly remember my Mom putting my hand on her belly and telling me I was going to be a big sister. Then I remember going to the hospital (perhaps a few months, weeks or even days later) with my parents. I was in a child care room, and I could hear someone screaming. There were some other kids, and I remember Dad coming in to check on me. But he was very distracted and preoccupied. I watched a show about the germs that are in our mouths if we don't brush properly. They looked like monsters and it freaked me out that I might have monsters in my mouth (isn't that funny? I'm sure it seemed like an innocent dramatization to grown ups). I tried to convince my Dad to take me with him but he said I had to wait. I assume at some point Adri was born. But I don't remember anything until April 26 1988 - my 3rd birthday.

My Mom and I (in all honesty I probably just got in the way) blew up balloons and drew faces on them and added paper feet to make balloon people. My Grandma was visiting and held Adri a lot so Mom could prep for my party and entertain the guests. It seemed to me that there were dozens of kids. I don't remember much except that I ran around a lot and at some point threatened to take away one of the boy guest's goodie bag because he wasn't doing what I wanted (I was sassy even at that young age). I also remember my Mom being mortified because what she thought were playing cards turned out to be bubble gum - HUGE amounts of bubble gum. I'm sure all the moms of those toddlers were thrilled with that :)

Those are my earliest memories! What are yours? Was it a good memory or bad? What we remember can be so random - it made me hope that my nephew has a wonderful year this year. I don't want him to have any traumatic early memories. Just happy carefree ones :)

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