Friday, July 1, 2011

Weekly Round-Up #17

Internet happenings & discoveries from the past week:

Rebekah wants to try a few of these dollar origami - wouldn't it be fun to receive money like this?

On Tuesday, Adri happened to watch the Bonanza Intro and then held the following inner monologue: O Bonanza, how I love thee! (OK, really I just love Adam, but that's beside the point. Or is it? What does "that's beside the point" really mean? And what is "the point"?)

Kate from Centsational Girl shared her technique for whitewashing wood

Adri decided that eventually she wants to purchase a knife from Big Rock Forge.

Google released their newest attempt at creating a social network to rival Facebook and this time it looks like they may have succeeded. Learn more here. In the mean time, Adri is dying a slow death while she awaits an invitation to join the fun.

Jon Acuff of Stuff Christians Like wrote about why your ideas don't matter.

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