Monday, July 11, 2011


Ahhhh, now that the heat of summer is finally upon us, all I want to do is get away to be near a body of water. I don't really care what type, as long as it's cool and I can swim in it :)
Last summer the hubs and I hiked in Hetch Hetchy, which was gorgeous and an awesome adventure, but the water cruelly taunted us (mainly me) the entire time. Since it's a reservoir of San Francisco's drinking water, you can't swim or boat there. It's a gorgeous site, and if you haven't been I recommend it - just maybe not on a scorching hot day!

I've been longing to go back to Stinson beach, although I've never seen it this deserted. It would be so nice to have it all to myself and the hubs.

Isn't the water in Crater Lake the most gorgeous shade of blue? Imagine spending an afternoon floating on the calm surface, occasionally paddling yourself back to shore to get a drink or a snack.

I only recently discovered Havasu Fall, in the Grand Canyon. I wish I had known about it a few years ago when I was there. Just another reason to return :)

Where are you longing to visit this summer?

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