Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Google+Me: A Love Affair

Once upon a time, there was a young girl who spent a lot of time on computers. She knew how to work them better than anyone else in her family and so she was often called upon by parents, siblings, and even extended relatives to solve their technology-related woes. Sometime during late adolescence, she was introduced to Google; little did she know that this introduction would change her life forever.

It began with her discovery of the Google search engine. She loved how powerful it was, how it could give her anything she wanted with just some simple commands from her and a few strokes of the keyboard. A few years later, her relationship with Google moved to the next level when she became a user of Gmail, Google's intuitive & sensitive email service. She loved the fact that rather than isolating her from her friends, Google instead allowed her to interact with them in a lasting, searching way. She felt that her relationship with Google was healthy & mutually beneficial, engaging them both with each other in interesting ways, but also giving them space to explore their own interests.

The girl still wasn't 100% satisfied with their relationship, but her belief that Google was really the best that was out there caused her to keep coming back to work things out. Google began offering her Blogger, a service that allowed her to express her innermost thoughts without censorship or the fear of rejection. She could be completely open with Google and Google would always welcome her with open arms.

Eventually, things started to get even better between them. Google integrated chat into Gmail, allowing her to experience instant & quick connections, as well as longer lasting ones. Google Reader expanded her world by putting the blogosphere at her fingertips, enabling her to travel the blog world without ever leaving the comfort of Google's familiar arms. The next gift Google gave her was Chrome and she finally felt completely secure. Wherever she roamed in the world, she always had the comfort of feeling that she was home, that she and Google would always be together and never be truly parted, no matter where she went.

But still, something was missing from their relationship.

Despite the gift of Chrome, the girl still felt that she was betraying Google every time she tried to socialize with her friends. The guilt weighed heavily on her heart and though she wasn't entirely sure, she thought she could see sadness in Google's eyes whenever she returned from one of her social visits. Little did she know, though, that Google had another gift for her, the gift of Plus.

At last, Google had become the entire package, everything her heart could possibly desire. No longer would she have to leave Google's side in order to maintain her friendships, instead, they were finally partners in all aspects of her life. As the girl gazed lovingly at Google, she could finally see the wonderful future they would have together and she knew, without a doubt, that they would live happily ever after.


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  2. then one day she found out that they were selling the google chip at the drug store. She found that she could just implant the chip to neurons in her brain and become part cyborg. now the fusion was almost complete. as the chip was attached, she heard a strange dim fading voice, a still small one... "human love is only found in..." then it was gone. she smiled. the software designer had added nice feeling widgets. aaah

  3. that was me Chris Strong's comment above

  4. Haha, I like it - reminds me of an episode of Star Trek: Next Generation :)