Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Longest Game Ever

OK, so I'm sure it wasn't the longest game ever, but last week my siblings and I got to go to the longest baseball game in the American League so far this year! It was Giants v. Padres and it was awesome! I love baseball but I usually only get the opportunity to attend one or two games per year - not that I could afford many more than that, anyway. Gas, parking, tickets (!), garlic fries, and beer certainly tend to add up!

The game we went to was intense! Both teams were pitching well (or maybe they were batting poorly - I really wouldn't know the diffference!), and by the 7th or so inning it was tied 5-5. They ended up going to extra innings and it was tied until the 14th when the Giants finally scored a run! Being there was so much fun - the fans were so energetic and hopped to their feet and yelled like I've never heard fans yell every time the Giants got a hit or an out. Definitely the best baseball game I've ever been to! Anyways, without further ado, here are some of the photos from that night:

This was a particularly intense moment. You can see the concern in the guys' faces and body language.

Fear the Beard!

Everyone on their feet!

Me and my four younger siblings. We are woefully lacking in the Giants paraphernalia department.

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