Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bowled Over

Last semester I taught a few lessons at one of my student's homes. Every week I admired the pottery that filled their home. The glazes were the most gorgeous I had seen - from soft greens to brilliant blues, and gorgeous patterned pieces in grays and browns. I LOVE ceramics, and have always wanted to have a large statement piece, but they can be so expensive that I have never been able to splurge on one. When I found out my student's grandmother made all their gorgeous vessels (and just for fun too! She is retired and this is what she does with her spare time), I asked if I could commission a piece. This is the result:

I am in love! The blue color is even prettier in real life :)

It's large enough that four large peaches barely fill the bottom :)

I'm not usually going to use it as a fruit bowl, because I'm not sure if it's a food-safe color (some greens and blues are highly toxic, a factoid I learned when I had a ceramics artist as a room mate) but I had to show you how gorgeous it is with some brightly colored fruit inside. I only wish I was able to use some granny smith apples - that green would have gone nicely.

And one last side view - I never get tired of looking at this color. It draws me in :)

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