Thursday, June 30, 2011


A few Fridays ago I went to Monterey for the day with two of my siblings. First we hung out on the beach. It was a gorgeous day, and we entertained ourselves for hours taking jumping pictures. We started out jumping off a little slope. By the end of the day we were throwing ourselves off a 9-foot cliff. I use "we" very loosely, as I was a bit too scared to do it more than a couple of times.

me attempting to play the air guitar - while in the air

my little sister

my younger brother - kung fu fighting

Then we went to Fishermen's Wharf for some clam chowder and treats.

These colorful lollipops were tempting....

My little sister had never seen how taffy is made.

we had to try quite a few different flavors :)

I for one love chocolate covered fruit - like these apples.

and I thought these chocolate covered bananas with different toppings would be easy to duplicate at home. I think I'd like to try the m&ms, nuts, and marshmallow ones :)

We also went to Cannery Row and ended up getting some awesome ice cream sandwiches from a Nestle Tollhouse store. There were quite a few cookie and ice cream choices, and each sandwich is made to order so you can completely customize your treat. Sadly, I didn't get any pictures because I was too busy eating :)

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