Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Grand New Store

You may remember that I was disappointed not to be able to visit the new Costco in Lodi on my birthday due to the fact that they delayed its opening. It opened last week however, and I was fortunate enough to be able to go in on the first day! Here are some pictures from the event:

Yay for a shiny new sign on the side of a shiny new building! So glad there's finally a Costco in Lodi, now we just need a Trader Joe's!

I went with my mom, brother 2, sister 2, and my friend Ri. We were shocked to see the pricey items that were for sale at the Lodi Costco, like the $100,000 car above and the multi-thousand dollar mirror below. We have never seen anything like these items in the Stockton Costco. My mom observed that the demographics for Lodi must be vastly different than those for Stockton and I think she must be right.

Just so we're clear, I do not like this mirror. I think it is gaudy and tasteless.

We were also surprised to see these expensive jeans - again, something you'd never see in the Stockton Costco. I think the most expensive jeans I've seen in the Stockton Costco were $36.99. I could be wrong though. At any rate, you'd never see $89.99 and $112.99 jeans there!

I love that these three ladies got all dressed up to go to Costco on opening day! (Okay, okay, so they probably weren't dressed up for Costco, but I like to imagine they were.)

Me and my friend outside Costco after our tour of the inside. Photo courtesy of my mom.

Congratulations, Lodi, you're finally getting on the map! Perhaps someday soon people will stop calling you a "farm town" and will instead apply the label I've been lobbying for the past couple years, "agricultural community."

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