Thursday, June 9, 2011

Closet Organization

For her birthday my mom has requested a closet makeover. I am excited to help her organize and purge this space! Both she and my dad lead very busy lives, so having an organized closet will help them feel less stressed, I'm sure :)

Here are some of my thoughts:

Their walk-in closet's back wall is mostly unusable due to a large window, so it's almost better to think of it as his and hers walls. I like this idea (we would take out that lower third rung, so there would be only two rungs for hanging clothes). With or without the wire storage racks on the bottom.

I also like this idea for dad's side - those shelves might provide enough storage that he could do away with his dresser (or at least free up some of the space in the over-flowing drawers). It depends on how much he is willing to purge/put in storage bins in the attic ;)

This hanger for storing my mom's scarves

This hanger for my dad's belts

This hanger for my dad's numerous ties (hopefully we will only need one - it holds 40!)

My mom also worries about protecting clothing and less frequently used items from becoming dusty.
I like these linen drop-front boxes for visibility and ease of access (I like the pricetag less, I will research more to get a better deal if they decide they like this).

I also like these much more economical boxes for storing purses. At a mere $5 each, this would be a clean and dust free solution :) I would make little tags for each box so mom could easily tell what is inside.

For my parent's nicer and rarely worn shoes, I would splurge on these $9 clear shoe storage boxes. Love the drop front - this would be incredibly easy to access!

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