Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's My Birthday

It's my birthday and all I wanted to do was go to the new Costco that was supposed to open the first week in March.

It's my birthday and after going to Costco, I wanted to eat lunch at In-N-Out.

It's my birthday and after lunch I wanted to get my hair cut shorter than it's been in over 12 years.

Thanks to the fact that Costco decided to delay their opening, I won't be doing any of the above.

Instead, I'll be going to Walnut Creek to shop at Title Nine with my mom. Then we will eat lunch with my sister and co-blogger, Rebekah, and then return home. So even though I had to change my plans for my birthday and I don't get to do exactly what I wanted to, I'm still going to have a GREAT birthday! And I still get to do these other things I had planned:

It's my birthday and I'll roast s'mores with friends over an awesome bonfire.

It's my birthday and I'll look at the stars and realize that turning 23 is not that bad.

It's my birthday and I'll enjoy the simple things in life.

It's my birthday and I won't go to work or school.

And I won't worry about either of those things, either. At least for today.

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