Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekly Round-Up #27

Things of note from the past two weeks:


was blown away by these cutting boards that Kate (of Centsational Girl) made herself. Now there's one more thing on Adri's "To Do Someday" list!

appreciated this reminder from Ashlee (another Sacramentan blogger) that it's important to do things, not just talk about it.

found Primer's guide to wine particularly accessible and helpful.

read this article from The Art of Manliness and then had to forcibly restrain herself from emailing it to every college-age young man she knows.

enjoyed watching this video that features the changing styles of the past century.


thought these mint cookies look delicious :)

liked this cool sunburst mirror

would like to make orange french toast - perfect for a lazy Saturday


  1. Pls send the article on dressing for college men to your brothers.

  2. even though, i rarely comment....i LOVE reading your posts sisters!!!! keep it up and know that you have a Washington admirer from afar who is either too busy or too lazy to leave a comment more often.....:)
    ...but know- you are read! <3

  3. Thank you Cindy!! It makes me so happy to know you read our blog :) I'm so glad I found your blog - your posts are so fun and I love seeing how your kidlets are growing (I'm also sadly lacking in the comments posting department ;)


  4. @Tanono - I'm hoping they'll just see the link here and read it...but I'm not sure they read the blog, so feel free to send the post to them :)

    @Cindy - Ditto pretty much everything Rebekah said! I love reading your posts, they remind me of The Pioneer Woman :)