Tuesday, September 13, 2011

IKEA Wish Listin': Chiefly Functional

A few weeks ago I did a round-up of some decorative items I saw in the most recent IKEA catalog. I still haven't made a trip to IKEA (a real shame, considering there's one only half an hour from where I live!), but today I'm back with a list of some items that are primarily functional.

I'm planning to put a little sitting area in one corner of my room and I think the STRIND side table would work well there. Even if I don't get my sitting area, I may still purchase it and use it as a bedside table, since my room needs more round elements.

The TORSBY dining table has almost the perfect dimensions to fit in the corner made by our two couches - we would just need to shorten the legs somehow. We really need something for that area, not only as a place to set drinks, but also as a way to make the pile of shoes by our door less noticeable (if we had the table, we would keep a basket under it to hold our shoes).

I've wanted a hat & coat stand for a very long time and the PORTIS one is both minimalistic and pretty - not to mention inexpensive! It is difficult to find a stand like this for less than $70.

I really need to get over to IKEA soon...

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