Thursday, September 15, 2011

Abstract Art - Yellow

The other day I was browsing etsy and ended up looking at abstract paintings (something I often end up doing). I usually tend to gravitate to art that is predominantly blues and greens, but on a whim I took a look at pieces with yellow hues - and was surprised by how much I liked this color palette too! I thought I would share some of the gorgeous pieces that caught my eye :)

I like the choice of shades of cool purples in contrast to the brighter yellows. I could see this in an entryway or sunroom.

I think this moodier painting would look stunning in a master bedroom. Something about the slate undertones really draws me in and I think it would be restful - even though one wouldn't normally think of a yellow painting as restful :)

This cheerful piece would look gorgeous in a living room. I could see this really brightening up a space.

Although I like all three of these works of art, I find myself drawn again and again to the last two. What would  be your favorite?


  1. I loved your post on Pinterest about the Christmas ornaments.. I went out today and as we speak I'm making them.. So far I've done two and they are pretty cool.. Thanks for your inspiration and crafty idea... Thank you.....