Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Antiquities in the High Desert

Two weeks ago, I got to go to Prescott, Arizona and spend a few days with my mom and middle brother at said brother's college. While there, my mom and I had the chance to stop at a little roadside antiques shop (though I think it was more of a used furniture shop - I'm not sure how many things in there were actually antiques). There were quite a few things that I thought would look great in the right home. Here are some pictures of my favorite items:

I  thought this antique chair would look lovely recovered, in the corner of a bedroom or at a vanity.

This large mirror was $99 and my mom thought it would look great in her dining room. Unfortunately, we had no way of getting it back with us since we flew.

I loved this old-fashioned office chair. If I'd had the means, I would have brought it home with me in a heartbeat.

I liked the bold color on this desk and the lovely distressing. It was already sold so I couldn't find a price tag.

This piece was being sold for $299, which I thought was a bit steep, but I'm certainly no expert. The tag said it's a bakers' rack but the wine rack in the lower section makes me think it would be better as a drinks' station.

This bed was gorgeous and chunky. It would look great in a country or cottage bedroom.

I thought this cart would look so charming stained darker or painted and distressed in white. The large wheels in the front remind of a ship's helm and I think it would go great in a beach or nautical-themed house.

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