Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Orleans Trip: Food

The Hubs and I went to New Orleans for the long weekend. We had a great time walking around the French Quarter and Garden District, eating good food and listening to great music, and going on a swamp tour and to the WWII museum.

If you ever have the chance to go to Nola, I would highly recommend going to Cafe Du Monde immediately :)
The Cafe au Lait was out of this world - I've had quite a few coffee drinks from a number of different cafes, but Cafe Du Monde had them all beat by a mile. The beignets were amazing too!

On Saturday we made the trek to Poland St. to taste some of the famous ribs at The Joint. It was sooo worth it! For about $20 we ate a whole rack of ribs, the best beans I've ever tasted and coleslaw with toast. The ribs are vinegar based, which isn't our personal favorite, but it was still incredibly delicious, especially after such a long and hot hike to get there (note to future visitors: take a cab from the French Quarter - it's worth the $9 to have an air conditioned ride over!).

Over the weekend we ate Jambalaya at The Gumbo Pot, and fried alligator at The Gazebo. The jambalaya was a big hit, the fried alligator less so - alligator jerky is highly recommended though :)

We also tasted Abita beer for the first time. It's a delicious local beer which we both thoroughly enjoyed. I liked the amber brew, while the hubs preferred the golden. You can find it everywhere, but we recommend going to the House of Blues during happy hour. You can get Abita for $3.50 there and sit on the shaded patio. Bonus: there is no charge to listen to the bands playing there during happy hour - any other time you have to pay an additional fee. The band we heard was phenomenal!

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