Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Murder Mystery

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Friday night the Hubs and I attended a Murder Mystery dinner hosted by some of our church friends. The story was set in the 1930s, so a few of the girls dressed to the nines in period costume. It was so much fun! There were 8 of us all together, which made for a nice sized group. We each contributed something to the meal (drinks, appetizers, main course, dessert) and enjoyed each of these in turn as we played the four rounds of the game. Everyone was assigned a part in advance, so we knew coming in a few key points about our character. I was an author, renowned for her thrilling and life like murder mysteries. The Hubs was the bastard mountaineering son of the man who was murdered. Once we arrived we received a booklet with more information about our character. Some things we had to share with the group, other things we were to conceal unless asked a direct question pertaining to those matters. As soon as I opened my booklet I saw that I was to conceal that my character's books were all based on murders she had committed! This made me worried that I would end up being the guilty party, but in the end it was the bastard son.

I would highly recommend this type of evening to anyone who would like to host an intimate themed party. It was a fun and fast paced evening :)

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