Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Graduation & Summer Plans

I graduated from college last weekend! And it would feel a lot better if I weren't going to grad school in the fall. Nevertheless, I'm glad to at least have one degree out of the way. Now that summer's started, I plan on having a lot of fun.

I'll be working full-time at my current job but I plan to take off a day here and there in order to go on some short trips and day hikes. Here are some of the things I'll be doing this summer:

1. In about three weeks, two of my friends and I will be going to Las Vegas for 2 days packed full of fun! We'll drive down on a Thursday after work and use all day Friday and Saturday to explore the Strip, then drive back Sunday.

2. Another friend and I are thinking about organizing a small roadtrip to the Grand Canyon on June 21st - one of several national park "fee free" days this year!

3. My brother Nano and I plan to go to Bend, OR at some point this summer, most likely in July, possibly for the Cascade Cycling Classic. He's still deciding if he's going to race it or not.

4. I'm open to suggestions for a fourth short trip in August. One friend suggested going to Yellowstone but I think that would require too many days off due to drive time.

5. And of course, I definitely plan to do some fun day trips with my family, including going on a day hike in the Sierras with my family, taking some trips to the beach and hopefully attending at least one Giants game.

So I think that between my travels, mid-week Bible studies, open mic nights at local pubs, farmers' markets, bike rides, and Zeal (the exercise program at my church), I'll have an enjoyable & relaxing summer so I can hit the books come the end of August with renewed energy & determination. Here's hoping!

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