Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Humorous examples of Repartee

Repartee is the art of the quick and witty reply. I have always wished I was better at this :) Here are a few of my favorite examples:

While dining at a wealthy woman's house in the States, when asked what kind of meat he would like Winston Churchill requested the chicken breast. The scandalized hostess replied, "Mr Churchill, we call it the white meat." Later he sent her a corsage as a thank you, the attached note stating that he would be pleased if she would pin it on her white meat.

A woman approached George Bernard Shaw and said, "With my beauty and your brains, we could have the most wonderful child."
He replied, "What if the child gets my beauty and your brains?"

George Bernard Shaw once sent a friend two tickets for the premier of his latest show. "One is for you, and one is for a friend - if you have one" he wrote.
His friend responded, "Cannot attend the premier. Will come to the next showing - if there is one."

If you would like to read more examples of repartee, you can find some here

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