Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Three Years of Happily Ever After

Three years ago I married my best friend. It was the best decision of my life.

It seems crazy to think that I could be more in love today than I was three years ago. And yet, as much as I thought I loved him then, it is nothing for the depth of love I now feel.

I think sometimes we think love is an emotional high, and sometimes it is. But I think a lot of love is being there to live through life's ups and downs together. When you see each other at your lowest and most vulnerable, but don't back away. When they see you at your ugliest and most unlovable, but love you through it.

And that togetherness, that unit, helps you to become better than you ever were alone.

I love you so much, babe. And I'm so glad that I get to spend the rest of my life with you, as we learn to love each other better.

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Happy Anniversary, my Love!

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  1. Happy Anniversary!
    May you both be blessed with a GREAT celebration and a year of growth in love for one another and for the Lord.