Friday, April 1, 2011

Weekly Round-Up #9

So...did anyone play any pranks today? Or were you the victim of a prank? As a reformed prankster, I (Ashton) didn't participate in any pranking.
If you are thinking about playing a prank, I thought these were creative and genuinely funny :)
Any fun plans for this weekend?

Ashton and The Hubs are going ballroom dancing with friends, and hosting Rebekah's younger brother for the weekend.

Adri is holding a "Slob Fest" with her roommates. Details next week - and no, it won't be quite as awful as it sounds, but you should still brace yourself.

Some things we found and loved this week:

Ashton found the perfect thing to go at the foot of her bed. Isn't it amazing that something so elegant can be made so affordably?

While stumbling around the internet, Adrielle found this awesome, typographically rendered bicycle. Does she want a print of it? Is that even a question?

Adrielle came across this post from Centsational Girl with tips on adding color to your decor. So many inspirational pictures!

And Ashton found a great article on tastefully adding patterns to any room

This comic strip about Facebook made Adrielle laugh because it is all too true of every Facebook account, ever.

One of Adrielle's friends recently introduced her to the music of Melody Gardot. She's been enjoying this particular song a lot.

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