Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Three Recent Pins

I've decided that every now and again, I'll write a post with just a few of the things I've recently pinned on Pinterest.

I love the idea of using more mason jars to help keep things organized in my bathroom! I hope to recreate this system sometime soon, but I'd use the jars to organize makeup brushes, various tubes, lip gloss, mascara, etc.

I saw this Shakespearean version of the "Hokey Pokey" and cracked up! The person who wrote it is brilliant.

Someone gave my roommate this lip balm for Christmas and she loved it so much, that our best friend and I decided to buy some, too. It is amazing! The lip balm itself is wonderful (and it smells really minty, which is delightful), but the real kicker is the unique shape. One of the most annoying things about lip balm is that when I'm feeling around in my purse, I frequently mistake it for a pen and vice versa. The unique egg-like shape of the eos lip balm, however, prevents this from ever happening.

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  1. the shakesperean hokey pokey is brilliant!