Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Point Reyes Backpacking Trip

This past weekend the hubs and I went backpacking at Point Reyes with two of our best friends from college (who are also married to each other :). We were all friends before any of us started dating - and I think it's especially cool that we ended up dating and falling in love (there was actually a group of about 10-12 of us who all ended up pairing up into serious relationships with each other by the end of college).

It was foggy when we arrived. We hiked in along Limantour beach to Coast camp - only about a 1.8 mile hike, but a nice starter backpacking trip since it was our friend's first time going on this kind of adventure.

The guys were walking together - nerding it up most likely - when Samantha and I spotted an odd piece of driftwood....

that ended up being a seal! I've been to Point Reyes numerous times, and this was the first time I'd seen one (well, an alive one that is - once there was a seal carcass that washed ashore).

The hubs and I have a tradition of taking his picture with wild animals. So far the tally is baby owl, lion cub, baby alligator, and now a seal. Too bad it wasn't a seal pup so we could continue the baby animal tradition :)
It didn't really want it's picture taken, so as soon as I started to take the picture it began waddling toward the water. But at least they are in the same frame!

Once we set up camp, the hubs took us on a day hike - which ended up being a grueling 9 miles round trip!

The fog had lifted, and it was gorgeous! This is toward the beginning of the hike while we were all still feeling peppy.

The adorable couple. Seriously they are so sweet! Still practically newlyweds :) We had such a fun time hanging out with them - there is nothing better than spending time with friends you've known forever! We have seen each other through so much of life's ups and downs. An added bonus? All of us are equally good friends with each other - so there were no awkward trying-to-get-to-know-you moments. We could all totally be ourselves without worrying what the others would think, which is so nice :)

some gorgeous scenery along the coast trail.

hiking along the side of the trail - too muddy to actually walk ON the trail - it only got muddier from here!

exhausted at the end - we arrived back at camp as the sun set - just in time to make a beach fire to cook and enjoy a dinner of hot dogs and s'mores :)

The next morning we awoke sore, but pleased with our previous days' accomplishments. It was freezing though!

The fog was thick

So glad we could get away with such good friends! Here's to more trips in the future (but we promise we won't hike them to death next time :)

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