Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Vacation of B's

A week and a half ago, my four younger siblings and I, along with three friends, went to Bend, Oregon for the Cascade Cycling Classic, an annual stage race that takes place across three days (for the non-pros). This was definitely a vacation full of things that start with the letter "B":

- Bend (obviously!)
- Bicycling
- Burgers
- Beer

And some things that do not start with the letter "B":

- Shopping
- Music
- Movie watching
- Sleeping

The first day we were there we just got to relax. The racers (Nano, Jason, Andrew, and Jon) went on a ride to loosen up their legs for the next day while the rest of us slept in. It was so nice to have a break from getting up to go to work!

The road race took place on Friday. It was a difficult course with a LOT of climbing packed into the first and last few miles of a 71-mile route. Joe, Abba, our friend Kate, and I drove to the feedzone at mile 50 to hand off water bottles to our racers. Joe took the above picture of us girls while we waited for the cyclists to come by. I'm sporting the scarf I picked up from AE the day before - I love that scarf!

There was a great little spot by the road overlooking a creek. Joe and Abba took advantage the opportunity to sit in the shade and relax.

Here's Joe preparing for a water bottle hand-off. The day couldn't have been more beautiful, it was sunny and warm without being too warm - a little miracle considering we were on/near Mt. Bachelor. In fact, the race ended at the Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort but it was so warm that no one need any layers even though there was still snow on the ground. I think I just don't understand how Oregonian weather works.

Here are some other pictures from the day:

My youngest brother, Jon, was in the Category 3 group. The rest of the racers were in Cat 2, so after the 3s went by and we had given Jon his bottle, we followed the pack to the finish.

This was the view for a good portion of the course. Jon did great and held a good position in the peloton until 10K to go, when he was dropped on a hill.

This is my post-race "paparazzi" shot of Nano - doesn't he have a great look on his face? I think it says "Get those annoying cameras out of my face" perfectly!

Nano and Jason (teammate from Down Under!) debriefing after the race.

Waiting for Jon to come into the finish. We had passed him on the road but he arrived only about 20 minutes after we did.

And there he is!

Stay tuned for Thursday when I'll be reviewing the brewery we ate at on Saturday, along with the beers I purchased!

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