Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More Wine Bottle DIY Project Ideas

Remember all those wine bottles I acquired in March? Well, other than using one as a vase and unsuccessfully attempting to cut some of them, all they've done for the past couple months is sit on a cupboard shelf in the kitchen.

 I recently ran across this video tutorial on a different method of cutting glass bottles and I'm hopeful this will actually work!

Here are some of the ideas I have for things I'd like to do with my wine bottles:

I would love to use the cutting method above to make tumblers like these from Bed Bath & Beyond:

Or some cool hanging lights like these:

Originally from Pottery Barn. Looks like it's been discontinued, but once you figure out the lighting, it really doesn't look like it would be that hard to make! Also, there's no cutting required!

From here. Cute & simple and oh-so-summer-elegant. I think these would look charming hanging from tree branches over a wooden picnic table.

How awesome is this modern take on the wine bottle light? Sold here, but I'm sure it would be 100% possible to make this myself.

And last, here is a project for turning wine bottles into Tiki Torches. The best part? No cutting or new-fangled electric lights required, so I might actually do this one sooner than later!

I think a set of these would be an awesome wedding present. Unique, elegant, useful, personal, and of course, super affordable!

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