Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Volunteering = Free Stuff

This past Saturday, I volunteered as a waiter at a fundraiser banquet for my local Young Life chapter. The event was amazing and raised $56,000! It was fun to volunteer since it gave me the opportunity to hang out with other young adults from my church that I normally only see at church or Bible study. One of the best parts, though, was all the free stuff I got to take home. Since I was one of the last volunteers to leave, I was able to bring home 4 steaks, 4 miniature desserts, 1 bottle of chardonnay, a bunch of tulips, and a dozen wine bottles with the labels already removed! Here are photos of some of the goods:

We served a variety of miniature desserts from Ettore's Bakery and oh. my. goodness. They were all amazing! Out-of-this-world, indescribably amazing. The best things I have ever tasted. For real.

These two types of desserts were my favorite - the lemon meringue tarte and the raspberry & chocolate meringue tarts. There was another type of dessert that looked cheesecake-y so I didn't try it, but I did eat some of the chocolate bark that was on top and it even more amazing than the desserts I did eat. Do you know the scene in Ever After when Margeurite eats chocolate for the first time and declares it "positively sinful"? Well, that's how I felt when I tasted that stuff - sans smarmy disgustingness, of course.

These tulips were centerpieces at the banquet. I brought a bunch home and they're currently sitting on our counter, cheering up the apartment.

The vase is from an antique store in West Virginia. My mom bought it for me as a souvenir when we went there a number of years ago.

More photos of the desserts, after my roommate and I ate two of them and I added a dish of almonds to the plate.

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