Friday, February 3, 2012

Weekly Round-Up #39

Things of interest from the past week (or 5):

Adri discovered the music of Agnes Obel. It is full of beautiful, haunting melodies. Listen for yourself.

Centsational Girl shared a tutorial on how to DIY stamped tea towels, which would make a great hostess, birthday, or really, any kind of gift.

Kate of The Small Things Blog shared how she made a makeup brush roll from a placemat! Adri may have to try this next time she goes home and has access to one of our mom's showing machines ;)

The Art of Manliness wrote about some awesome note taking strategies. This was particularly timely as Adri began her second semester of graduate school two weeks ago.

Over Christmas break, Adri was also introduced to City and Colour. Northern Wind is one of her very favorite songs on their latest album.

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