Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Valentine's Table Arrangement

Last Saturday, considering the fact that my roommates and I had seasonal decor up for Christmas, I decided it would also be nice to have some seasonal decor for Valentine's day, so I made this arrangement for our dining room table. I started with some items that I found on steep discount at Target and worked in other items that we already had lying around our apartment.

This is what it looks like straight-on. The crystal vase and candy dish (I think it's actually a gravy dish, but I'm not 100% sure) were gifts from my parents. The small, round, red candle and the tall pink lace-y candle were made by my roommate. I put electronic votives in the plastic tumblers from Target - I was afraid a real candle might melt them or cause them to release chemicals.

I love the way the tumblers cast subtle shadows when the fake votives are turned on, and the way the pink pillar candle looks when it's lit! My roommate told me that she put ice cubes in the candle mold and then poured hot wax over them in order to form all the holes in the candle.

These bright red carnations add a lot of cheer to our apartment! I scored them at Safeway and so far they've been really hardy little flowers. I was expecting them to start wilting by Monday but they're still going strong - not a bit of wilting in sight!

I love this arrangement! I know it could be a lot better, but I when I think about how little I spent, I'm really pleased with how it came out.

Cost breakdown:
White tray: $4.98 (normally $19.99)
2 red tumblers: $1.50 each
Flowers: $3.99
TOTAL: $11.97

Everything else we already had on hand and the best part is that everything I bought can be used for entertaining as well as for future table displays! (Fourth of July, anyone?)

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